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This compact van is powered by a V8 Engine with automatic transmission. Ideal for 4 adventure-seekers who wants to travel anywhere and anytime they want to. Has a guaranteed double bed at the back, 3 versions of seating arrangements possible and with plenty of spaces for storage. Perfect for budget-minded travellers.

People : 4
Make & Age : Ford / Dodge / Chevrolet

No Vehicle Age Guaranteed*
Year & Model : 2002-2006
Engine : V8 / V10
Transmission : Automatic
Sleeping Configuration : Seating Capacity: 4 people
Sleeping Capacity: 2 people only

Fixed double bed on raised platform
1.90 x 1.60m

Note: *Sleeping capacities do not mean like number of adults or full size teenagers can be accommodated comfortably. The features, bed sizes, and amenities listed are representative and may be changed, added or deleted without notice. The numerical vehicle lengths are approximate. Specific floor plans or models will vary and cannot be reserved or guaranteed.
Adults : 4
Air Conditioning :  
Child Seats :   Can be fitted but not available for rental.
Internal Access :  
Fire Extinguisher :  
Seat Belts : 4
Kitchen :   Portable Stove
Entertainment :   Radio / tape or CD player
Storage : Ample Storage. Soft luggage recommended.
Transmission : Automatic
Power Steering
Engine / Fuel : Petrol
Fuel Capacity : 140 Liters
Fuel Consumption (approx) : 17 / MPG
14-20 miles per gallon (11.7-16.8L / 100km)
Approximate only, depends on driving conditions.
Power Supply : N/A
No generator
Exterior Length : 5.18-5.79m
  Exterior Measures: 17 - 19ft

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Note: Floor plans and specifications are intended as a guide. Each year new vehicles are being purchased by operators from different manufacturers and we cannot guarantee exact specifications and layouts for the vehicle chosen when booked. All measurements are approximates only.